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Outdoor Connections' mission is to connect youth and families to the outdoors to inspire dreams, foster stewardship, build leadership, and strengthen community.  Below you are able to find our year-round programs and offerings.


Our Better Places

OC believes that through first-hand experiences, people can develop a more intimate understanding of the problems our communities face. Our programs cover topics like coastal rehabilitation, youth education and development, habitat restoration, and more. Service Trips are conducted in the Winter, Spring, and Summer. 


R.I.D.E Miami

OC is committed to implementing a series of short-term and long-term initiatives designed to encourage and facilitate inclusivity and diversity in the world of Cycling. These initiatives vary from scheduled group rides, skills workshops, and race sponsorships.


Muevete Chica

Connect girls between the ages of ten and seventeen in the Greater Miami Area to the Outdoors and Sports. This program seeks to create a bridge over hardships and obstacles that girls experience when it comes to accessibility to the outdoors and sports.  


Outdoor Leadership training

OC hosts experiential and skills-based trainings for Adults & Youth in the Greater Miami area so they are empowered to facilitate outdoor adventures of their own. Training Types includes Wilderness Leadership, Camping Workshops, Wilderness First Aid, Hiking Workshops,  Canoe Workshops, and Trip Planning.

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